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The mission of The HELP Center is to provide ex-offenders, offenders, and low income individuals support to restructure their lives and achieve success with counseling, educational, employment, and supportive services.

The Help Center equips our clients with the education, coaching, and supportive services necessary to become self-sufficient to begin a new life. The goal of The HELP Center is to enable high risk clients and clients with barriers to improve their life skills to the point where they can succeed in society and the economy, and develop skills that will prepare them for the real world.


Pathways to Employability, Job Readiness Program, is designed to help ex-offenders and low-income individuals become knowledgeable about the world of work, and includes modules on setting goals, the job hunt, first impressions, professionalism at work, managing work and personal life, confidence on the job, the new economy, and academic preparation; a one-week Job Readiness and Job Search Assistance program for services to the ex-offender population of Davidson County.


The HELP Center Housing Program is a rental referral service provided by the center. Our listing and search service is available to the public for listing available rental properties to all. We have a variety of information regarding renting to assist the community in finding suitable accommodations. In addition, The Help Housing Program offers a voucher for Offenders who are transitioning back into society from incarceration, who seek deposit assistance for approved transitional housing.


If you are in search of earning your High School Equivalency diploma (formally known as GED), you've come to the right place! The HiSET Academy Adult Education Program is the premier preparation program. Our program is designed to help you quickly earn your diploma and move ahead toward your goals. Our teachers and staff are very well trained to walk you through your journey and help you learn the skills you need to take this step forward in your life.


The mission of The Help Center’s New Hope Counseling Service is to provide a professional and confidential setting for the psychological, emotional, and developmental support of individuals as they pursue goals and explore personal growth, and act as a resource for staff to assist with their interactions with clients.

​Our Counseling Services are to help ex-offenders and low income individuals remain a vital part of the community by assisting them in learning about and choosing healthy coping skills. We want them to experience a sense of community that values safety, personal integrity and care. We will provide short-term, solution focused treatment. Individual counseling is a collaborative process between patient and counselor. Our counselor can treat specific issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, addiction, sexual integrity, past or current trauma, etc.) or everyday concerns. Group and couple sessions are also available. 


Our primary mission of The Help Center Food Pantry is to provide emergency food for the working hardship; to act as a stop gap in times of crisis, such as illness, injury, abandonment, and so forth; and to assist people awaiting their food stamps.

Residence of Middle Tennessee have access to The Help Center Food Pantry and be used every thirty (30) days.


Case Managers are available to help connect pantry clients to other assistance programs such as Counseling, Educational, Employment and supportive services.


The Pantry is operated by a team of staff and volunteers that are dedicated to community service. These individuals collect food, stock shelves, interview clients, as well as, shop, distribute and deliver food. Each volunteer works hard to ensure that the Pantry’s clients receive needed supplies monthly.

Deciding to join the management team of The Help Center has been one of the best decisions I've made in life. I thoroughly enjoy working with the staff and clients. Touching one life at a time has been a remarkable experience and just to see a smile a satisfaction is the greatest reward."

Ramon D. Johnson, Program Manager

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If you or your company would like to work with us by becoming a partner and give back to our community, please contact info@thehelpcentertn.org

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