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The Needs of our Community
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A criminal conviction doesn't have to be the end of your career road - not by a long shot. If one has recently been released from jail or prison - or are likely to be released soon - transitional work programs can help them find work immediately, and apply for jobs with employers who won't discriminate against you based on your criminal record.


Many offenders have difficulty finding permanent, un-subsidized, well-paid employment after release because they lack job-seeking experience, a work history, and occupational skills; furthermore, many employers refuse to hire individuals with criminal records. These circumstances seriously affect an ex-offender’s stability because unemployment is consistently associated with high recidivism rates.

The HELP Center fights for the successful new beginnings for individuals returning to our community after incarceration.

The HELP Center provides counseling, employment, training, and coaching to help you eliminate barriers and awaken your passion.

The mission of The HELP Center is to provide ex-offenders, offenders, and low income individuals support to restructure their lives and achieve success with counseling, educational, employment, and supportive services.

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There comes a time where we all may need assistance eliminating barriers in our life due to our economic stance. Poverty is one of the defining dilemmas of our day. Nothing about addressing poverty can be effective, unless we assure that individuals have opportunities to succeed.

Tennessee's population in 2020 was 6,656,385 and of that 922,176 have incomes below the poverty line. With the rising cost of survival in Nashville, many families are left going without means of supporting their families.

The HELP Center is fighting for the successful functions of families who are faced with hardships and barriers.

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