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Holding Hands


We Can Provide HELP


The HELP Center provides counseling, employment, training, and coaching to help you eliminate barriers and awaken your passion.

The mission of The HELP Center is to provide ex-offenders, offenders, and low income individuals support to restructure their lives and achieve success with counseling, educational, employment, and supportive services.


Vocational Training

Pathways to Employability, Job Readiness Program, is designed to connects potential employers and candidates. Through training programs, low-income and unemployed residents can learn the skills necessary to work. 

Our program prepare participants to get, keep and excel at a new job. Basic employability skills include effective communication, problem solving, resume building, and interviewing. Job readiness training programs also help participants develop good work habits that facilitate their ongoing success. Workshops typically include lectures, discussions and role-playing exercises. Job readiness programs may also provide transportation and childcare.

Vocational Training

Life Skills

At The HELP Center we help you with your goals by breaking them down into smaller, achievable goals. We'll work to clarify your goals, values and purpose so that you can begin to live your dreams. We will motivate you, value your opinions and look ahead towards your future and prepare you for it. Our Case Managers can help you be successful in your personal life, relationship, careers and help you begin to realize your goals. Everyone needs a cheerleader sometimes we'll help you begin to cross those boundaries that had held you back.

Together we'll work on goal managing, stress management, anger management and anything else that may be holding you back.

A business meeting
Life Skills


Navigating addiction treatment services can be an overwhelming process, especially when you or your loved one is in crisis. As an addiction victim facing regular withdrawal and drug and alcohol-related side-effects, joining our Addictions Recovery Program can be a life-saving decision. The HELP Center offers addiction treatment in a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment. But the treatment’s success heavily relies on your behavior along the way. We have a team of competent, empathetic, supportive, and non-judgmental professionals who will serve your interests better than anyone else.


We provide a safe place where participants can be supported and treated with compassion and dignity.

Addictions Recovery

Food Pantry

Our primary mission of The Help Center Food Pantry is to provide emergency food for the working hardship; to act as a stop gap in times of crisis, such as illness, injury, abandonment, and so forth; and to assist individuals awaiting their SNAP benefits.

While we are primarily a food pantry, we are about more than just filling a bag with food; we are about filling a need – whatever that need may be. We provide referrals to other agencies for specific needs and also coordinate with other local organizations. We treat each person who enters our doors with dignity and respect. Each person is seen as a unique individual who not only receives from us, but also contributes by becoming a part of THC Family. 

Volunteers Packing Food
Food Pantry

Support & Assistance

Most of us take it for granted that the lights will come on when we flip the switch, and that we can get a drink from the faucet at any time. We know where our families will be sleeping tonight and can be certain that they’ll be warm.

Thousands of our neighbors are unsure that they will be able to afford these basic necessities amid rising rents. They worry about becoming homeless or having critical utility services disconnected. 


The HELP Center helps our program participants meet basic needs in times of crisis by proving short-term assistance. 

Support & Assistance


The HELP Center Housing Program is a rental referral service provided by the center. Our listing and search service is available to the public for listing available rental properties to all. We have a variety of information regarding renting to assist the community in finding suitable accommodations.


In addition, The Help Housing Program offers a voucher for Offenders who are transitioning back into society from incarceration, who seek deposit assistance for approved transitional housing.

Moving House

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