Help Housing Program
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Program Description


The HELP Center Housing Program is a rental referral service provided by the center. Our listing and search service is available to the public for listing available rental properties to all. We have a variety of information regarding renting to assist the community in finding suitable accommodations. In addition, The Help Housing Program offers a voucher for Offenders who are transitioning back into society from incarceration, who seek deposit assistance for approved transitional housing.

Program Eligibility/Requirements

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Resident of Middle Tennessee

  • Convicted Felon or Serious Misdemeanor

  • Low to Moderate Income



To enroll in the Help Housing Program, you must contact us to schedule an intake assessment with a Case Manger or complete an online referral.

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The mission of The HELP Center is to provide ex-offenders, offenders, and low income individuals support to restructure their lives and achieve success with counseling, educational, employment and supportive services.