Walmart Supports The Help Center

The HELP Center would like to thank The Walmart Community Grants Team and Facility #4435 for providing us with a grant to aid in our Pathways to Employability Program. Thank you for your support and generous contribution.

First Annual Fundraiser Dinner a Success

Thank you all so much for your generous donation to The HELP Center. As you know, a criminal conviction doesn't have to be the end of your career road - not by a long shot. If you've recently been released from jail or prison - or are likely to be released soon - transitional work programs can help you find work immediately, and apply for jobs with employers who won't discriminate against you based on your criminal record. Many offenders have difficulty finding permanent, unsubsidized, well-paid employment after release because they lack job-seeking experience, a work history, and occupational skills; furthermore, many employers refuse to hire individuals with criminal records. These circums

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The mission of The HELP Center is to provide ex-offenders, offenders, and low income individuals support to restructure their lives and achieve success with counseling, educational, employment and supportive services.