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Connecting You the
Support You Need!

The mission of The HELP Center is to provide ex-offenders, offenders, and low-income individuals support to restructure their lives and achieve success with counseling, educational, employment, and supportive services.



The HELP Center was established on December 14, 2014, by Tamika M. Braden, a visionary who understood the immense challenges faced by individuals reentering society after incarceration. With her extensive background in social services and workforce development, she envisioned creating a center dedicated to assisting ex-offenders and low-income individuals.

Ramon D. Johnson played a crucial role alongside Tamika Braden, contributing significantly to the center's structural development and operational effectiveness. Their collaborative efforts culminated in the opening of the first HELP Center location in East Nashville in February 2015.


Since its inception, The HELP Center has grown substantially, transforming into a comprehensive social service agency. It now offers a wide array of supportive services, assisting hundreds of men and women each year in Davidson County, Nashville, TN. True to the founder's vision, the organization emphasizes the importance of proximity and relationship-based work with partners, supporters, and the community members it serves.


We strengthen communities by supporting the economic stability and quality of our workforce. THC integrates several related employment, training, and supportive services in a one stop service model. The philosophy of THC is a two-generation approach, which emphasizes the personal responsibility of Nashvillians to support themselves and their families and offers quick exposure to the labor market. From the point of application throughout delivery of benefits and employment services, a consistent message is delivered and reinforced by ensuring services are tailored to best address the family's strengths and needs.

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